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Sports & Adventure

If you are passionate about sports, you will simply love Spain. The country has around 300 days of sun a year and some spectacular scenery where you can enjoy the outdoors like never before. Just imagine, thousands of miles of hiking routes and bicycle tracks, golf courses created by leading designers, perfect beaches for surfing and diving, horse riding routes along the coastline... Experience sports in Spain first hand!

Spectacular landscapes that reveal the history of Earth

The Flysch Route, Zumaia (Basque Country)

Did you know Spain is the world’s second ranking country in UNESCO biosphere reserves? At first glance, geoparks are natural spaces with landscapes of extraordinary beauty. But visitors can discover much more: their mountains, rock formations, and soil all reveal the history of humanity and our planet. That’s why, since 2015, UNESCO has recognised their value with the Global Geopark label - and in Spain there are 15 of them, open for geotourism.

Hikers: 10 reasons to travel to Spain

Hiking in the laurel forest

  1. More than 60,000 kilometres of signposted paths
  2. Mild temperatures
  3. Good views are guaranteed...
  4. Protected nature
  5. Unusual landscapes
  6. Railways and livestock paths reconverted into nature hikes
  7. The Way of St James, the great pilgrim route
  8. Hiking routes around culture
  9. Hiking festivals
  10. Wide range of accommodation and rural tourism

Two seas and an ocean for enjoying the coast

Participants in the Princesa Sofía Regatta in Palma de Mallorca

Spain is the ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, as it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea. The sun shines throughout most of the year and some places simply have perfect weather conditions for water sports.

Passion for horses

Horse riding tourism in Spain

Explore varied landscapes, sleep in equestrian inns, take a carriage ride in the countryside, or simply sign up for a beginner’s course.



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