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The Wedding Of Your Dreams

We here at MK All Around Travel specialize in destination weddings!!

We want you to have your very own fantasy wedding with your husband or wife and your loved ones.  Our favorite resorts to do destination weddings are the Hard Rock resorts, which have locations in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, as well is Cancun, Vallarta, and Riveria Maya, as well as others.  Hard Rock gives couples getting married or even getting their vows renewed their very own complimentary honeymoon package as well.  Get married on the beautiful sandy beach, with the Caribbean Sea as both backdrop and soundtrack, as the waves gently wash ashore. Or, choose one of our floating weddings gazebos, surrounded by swaying palm trees and cooled with soothing Caribbean sea breezes.

Colin Cowie, celebirty event designer, and the All Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in Cancun, Vallarta, Punta Cana and Riviera Maya are taking luxury and love to a new level. Enjoy world-class amenities and tantalizing extras with 3 specially crafted honeymoon packages for the ultimate romance experience.

And to top it off, they're giving you and yours an $1,800 limitless Resort Credit for time to spend together at the spa, lavish upgrades, amazing tours, and so much more.


9 Day Irish Legends
8 nights starting at $2,445.00
from CIE Tours
available 3/1/2024 - 3/9/2024
10 Day Best Of Britain
9 nights starting at $3,095.00
from CIE Tours
available 3/31/2024 - 4/9/2024
6 Day Taste Of Ireland - Tour D
5 nights starting at $1,495.00
from CIE Tours
available 1/22/2024 - 1/27/2024
9 Day Irish Adventure Self-Drive
8 nights starting at $1,745.00
from CIE Tours
available 11/6/2023 - 11/14/2023
2023 - 7 Day Taste Of Britain
6 nights starting at $2,185.00
from CIE Tours
available 7/7/2023 - 7/13/2023